New Theme: Flat Kubrick

Another theme that was created early on. I tried to get it hosted on the WordPress theme directory, however, it wasn’t excepted for various reasons. Flat kubrick complies with the latest WordPress release (3.8.1 as of this writing) and will bring back that ever popular kubrick look. Download it now.

Flat Kubrick WordPress Theme

This one is all CSS with a flat look, so no clunky images to slow down your site. Enjoy!

Hello and Welcome to tweaklabs

The site has been around for awhile and has hosted many different pieces of software. Most of the time they have been WordPress themes, this time shouldn’t be much different. After “switching” servers and experiencing some downtime along with the loss of most of the old software, I’ll be restarting the site.

What better way to start then with a bang!? Get the first theme available for download right here! I call it plain blue, have a look at the screen shot below…

plain blue theme screenshot

You can see that it looks much like the twenty ten WordPress theme, but the menu position has been changed and all the dark black has been swapped out for a nice calming blue. :)

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to post in the comments below if you are using the theme. Let me know of any feature requests or if you’re just plain old enjoying it!